In 2013, our father was diagnosed with Liver Cancer. Looking for a natural alternative way to heal, Samantha, began to research on the nutritional benefits of juicing, and there, she began juicing for our father. Sadly, he lost his battle to cancer and after his passing, it became her passion to be ‘mindful’ of what we put into our bodies and how the food we consume can affect our health.

Nature is intelligent.

It put natural healing properties in the fruits & vegetables. However most of these vitamins and minerals go unnoticed because we choose to eat something 'quick and easy', which is usually something processed. At Mindful Juice Bar, our menu is full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, that nourish you from the inside out, even for those wanting a quick and convenient option.

Being an avid traveler to places where there is an abundance of healthy food options, Samantha recognized the accessibility of fresh, healthy and organic ‘fast’ food was less convenient within the community of Surrey. Together, with her sister Lily, and a passion to bring awareness to the community about making better healthy food choices,

Mindful Juice Bar, was born. 

mindful juice bar - cold pressed juice